Bootie, bootie, bootie rocking everywhere

Okay so today is the first day of fall and I could not be happier! I love everything about fall; the weather, the colors, fall events, and of course the clothes. Okay, I know everyone does a “booties” post but seriously how could you not have a pair? They’re so cute and so versatile.i love wearing them with either boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans with a cuff, and a super cute flowy top. I have two pairs myself but right now I cannot get over these grey ankle babies from Gap, I just wanna wear them with everything. I love them because they’re a good height, color, and the heel is actually perfect!! If you do not own a pair of booties I HIGHLY recommend getting one ASAP!! Aside from the booties, I threw my favorite scarf in there. I personally think that you should have a “go-to” scarf, that you wear with everything and could go with everything and that’s what this black, white, and grey plaid scarf is for me. (Plus I could wear it with my cute booties) All in all, go get you a super cute pair of booties and a fabulous scarf for fall, okay? 






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