Eek!! I’m sooo happy October is here. It’s my favorite month of all, and not just because it’s my birthday month, but it’s Halloween, the beginning of all the holidays, and FALL. So when fall rolls in, I obsess over plaids and booties. They’re just my favorite and so easy to dress up and and throw together to make an adorable outfit. So I featured my other pair of booties, I referred to in my previous post, these brown little cuties are actually so comfy and were such a great price from H&M. I paired them with this fabulous, long, plaid button down. It’s my favorite button down and during winter, I’m always in it. I also threw on this big floppy hat which any chance I get to wear, I do. Ugh I love big floppy hats! I also want to add a side note that I don’t believe in not wearing white after Labor Day. Who says you can’t? Not me! I love white so I will wear it year round just as Coco Chanel did! Let me know what your favorite fall pieces are. 







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