Gobble till ya wobble

Hey y’all, I hope everyone’s thanksgiving was fabulous! On thanksgiving everyone loves to stuff themselves until their about to bust right? SAME!! As to why I chose this flowy, soft, dress. I love it because not only do I not have to unbutton my pants when I’m too full but you also can’t tell I ate my weight in mashed potatoes. I got it from this super cute boutique in San Marcos, Two P’s and Callie’s. It’s honestly one of my favorites because it’s thin enough to wear when it’s warmer but has long sleeves so I can layer with a fur vest or cardigan when it’s colder. And I wore those booties I did post on previously because hello, who doesn’t wanna wear booties all the time? Tell me what you think is the best to wear on thanksgiving so I can start preparing for next year😊