Valentine, oh valentine!

Hey y’all, hope it’s been a great week so far and I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s. My Valentine’s was so nice and beautiful thanks to my amazing boyfriend, Dylan. He planned a lovely dinner at the oasis on lake Travis which was breath taking. We also took a walk around the lake, which I love being outdoors so it was perfect. Knowing we were going to the oasis  I went to H&M to find a Valentine’s outfit, and originally I wanted like a red dress or something of that sort, but of course I didn’t find one I liked. I tried on multiple outfits until I found this perfect little button down dress. I FELL IN LOVE! This dress is so perfect for date night, business casual events, evenings out, any occasion in my opinion. It’s very versatile. The stripes and colors allow you to dress up or make it casual. I also think it’s very flattering on my body (I’m not the skinniest). I paired it with nude Steve Madden heels that tie up and a pale pink cross body that I wore on my side. Perfect Valentine’s outfit in my opinion. I cannot wait to wear this outfit again😊 



Good eats

So I’ve gained a lot of weight and I don’t like how I look or feel right now. I feel tired and sluggish all the time and I’ve decided it needs to stop. I’ve eaten horribly and haven’t been working out or doing any kind of exercise so from now I’m going to eat better (baby steps though) and I’m going to workout (again baby steps) I realize that I can’t just jump into it or I’ll crash and burn so I’m gunna slowly get into. I’m eating somewhat healthier, French fries are my weakness so I switched to sweet potatoe fries to start, and I’m playing volleyball almost everyday now which is a work out for me. I’ve been sore and I’ve noticed I have more energy. But it’s not just gunna stop there, I’m also going to cut back on my alcohol intake. Being in college that’s really hard. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I just want to be a healthier, better version of me. If you have any advise, please let me know. Anything would help 🙂