So this is gunna be a little different of a post, but recently I visited beautiful Colorado Springs, boy did I fall in love. Colorado amazes me every single time I go, this would have been my 4th time visiting and I can’t get over it. I went ziplinning through the mountains, hiking, white water rafting through the Royal Gorge, and of course shopping! But the highlight of my trip was going up to pikes peak. I saw so much beauty. I was surrounded by it. It was completely breath taking and if you haven’t gone, I urge you to go. While I was up there I just sat there, on a rock, alone. I sat there just thinking about life and honestly, I got really teary eyed. I thought about how beautiful, how amazing this world we live in is but how much I, and many other people, focus on the negative. I don’t talk about my beliefs that often but man God is amazing. He’s created such a beautiful home for us and all we do is worry and complain. Sitting up there I realized how tiny I am, how tiny my problems are, and that eventually you just have to let it go. Let go of all the little problems and hardships and just be. Be happy, be faithful in the lord, and be kind. Everything will work out eventually, just be patient and breathe. 

Hope y’all are having a great summer! 





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