Take Me Away

Hey guys, 

So I just got back from a crazy awesome trip!! I booked a cruise with 7 other awesome girls to visit 3 countries for a week. Y’all, if you’ve never been on a cruise I highly, highly, 10/10, highly reccomend. It’s so fun and allows you to see more of the world at one time. Not going to lie, the first day on the ship I got really sea sick and it was not fun at all but the other days I was fine. There’s a lot to do on the ship while you’re on their too, I played bingo and gambled, I hung out and tanned, and of course I ate lots of yummy food. 

So my cruise took me to Honduras, Belize, and Mexico and it was so beautiful!! Honduras was definitely my favorite place. I could see my toes and all the fish swimming around me straight through the water. I went snorkeling around the second biggest reef and it was stunning. The food in Honduras was crazy good guys. The cook with a lot of coconut and it was so good! 

Our next stop was Belize which was my second favorite. It was super pretty and we went to a small island off of Belize. The people were super friendly and the fish there was delicious. I cut my foot on a seashell there so I think that’s why it wasn’t my favorite. Ha but it was just as beautiful as Honduras. 

Mexico was our final country. I’ve been to Mexico before and I loved it but I think I just wasn’t really  that fond of Cozumel because it wasn’t my favorite.The water was actually pretty brown. The people were still super nice and the food was great! Coconut shrimp was my life, and I tried octopus ceviche which was really good too. 

But all in all, Honduras was 12/10. Guys seriously, I recommend a cruise. It’s a great way to see the world at a reasonable price. 


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