Love that sticks! 

Hello, hello.

So I’ve been redoing my apartment lately because I am never happy with it. I’m very picky and always changing my mind. But I really like the look of quotes and succulent drawings in frames. My friend recently told me about @thelovethatsticksministry. Look her up on instragram! She writes bible quotes and paints a background on them. They’re so cute and perfect for frames. You can request any quote or just let her do her thing and it’s all based on donations. So you donate whatever amount you want and she ships you different pictures. I recieved 10-12 different pictures and I love them! I already put some around my apartment. I really hope y’all go check her out, she’s great and just trying to spread some Godly love.  My favorite quote is the one in the middle of the pile with the cacti in the background but I love all of her pictures. Hope y’all had a great Monday!



Okay so this past week was national eating disorder week and that topic is very dear to my heart. This past year I’ve been having a lot of problems with self love because I’ve put on some weight but recently here I’ve just been okay with my body, I’ve realized that I’m not going to look like anyone else and that I’m still beautiful even if I’m not a size 0. But it really gets to me when I hear another girl saying “oh my gosh she’s too skinny that’s gross” or “ew she’s so fat” because what gives us the right to judge them? How do we know there’s not something medically wrong with them or that they’re not going through something and it’s taking a toll on their body? I’m just so sick of girls bringing down other girls, we get enough of it from guys and social media. I strongly believe in woman empowering woman. Every girl and woman has something beautiful in them but if we just crush them down then they’re never going to realize it and we’re just taking their shine away. I love love love eating and I’m not going to give that up just because social media or a guy says should I be a certain size to be beautiful. You are beautiful and I love you!!! Don’t ever forget that. 

Hometown hoedown 

Hey ya’ll. So I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about where I’m from or where I live, besides that I attend Texas State University so I just wanted to share with y’all a little bit more of me and where I live. 

So I’m originally from Houston Texas born and raised. Fun fact: the place I used to get my hair done is where Beyoncé’s mom got hers done too, I actually ran into her one time. But I lived there my whole life and love it, so proud to be from H-town! I attend Texas State university in San Marcos Texas and I have completely fallen in love with San Marcos. This place is crazy beautiful. There’s so much to do in and around San Marcos. We have the river, which actually runs through campus, we have hiking trails and paddle boarding and the outlet malls and the good ole’ square (it’s an actual square of bars) but not only do we have all that in San Marcos, if you go about 25 minutes down the highway we have Austin which is so awesome. Then about 35-40 minutes down the other way we have San Antonio. I love living here and love the surrounding areas so much, I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

I’ve attached some pictures to help you better understand why I love this city so much. If you’ve ever been to San Marcos, what was your favorite part? I’d also love to meet other bloggers in the area!