Okay so this past week was national eating disorder week and that topic is very dear to my heart. This past year I’ve been having a lot of problems with self love because I’ve put on some weight but recently here I’ve just been okay with my body, I’ve realized that I’m not going to look like anyone else and that I’m still beautiful even if I’m not a size 0. But it really gets to me when I hear another girl saying “oh my gosh she’s too skinny that’s gross” or “ew she’s so fat” because what gives us the right to judge them? How do we know there’s not something medically wrong with them or that they’re not going through something and it’s taking a toll on their body? I’m just so sick of girls bringing down other girls, we get enough of it from guys and social media. I strongly believe in woman empowering woman. Every girl and woman has something beautiful in them but if we just crush them down then they’re never going to realize it and we’re just taking their shine away. I love love love eating and I’m not going to give that up just because social media or a guy says should I be a certain size to be beautiful. You are beautiful and I love you!!! Don’t ever forget that.