Hometown hoedown 

Hey ya’ll. So I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about where I’m from or where I live, besides that I attend Texas State University so I just wanted to share with y’all a little bit more of me and where I live. 

So I’m originally from Houston Texas born and raised. Fun fact: the place I used to get my hair done is where Beyoncé’s mom got hers done too, I actually ran into her one time. But I lived there my whole life and love it, so proud to be from H-town! I attend Texas State university in San Marcos Texas and I have completely fallen in love with San Marcos. This place is crazy beautiful. There’s so much to do in and around San Marcos. We have the river, which actually runs through campus, we have hiking trails and paddle boarding and the outlet malls and the good ole’ square (it’s an actual square of bars) but not only do we have all that in San Marcos, if you go about 25 minutes down the highway we have Austin which is so awesome. Then about 35-40 minutes down the other way we have San Antonio. I love living here and love the surrounding areas so much, I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

I’ve attached some pictures to help you better understand why I love this city so much. If you’ve ever been to San Marcos, what was your favorite part? I’d also love to meet other bloggers in the area! 



Take Me Away

Hey guys, 

So I just got back from a crazy awesome trip!! I booked a cruise with 7 other awesome girls to visit 3 countries for a week. Y’all, if you’ve never been on a cruise I highly, highly, 10/10, highly reccomend. It’s so fun and allows you to see more of the world at one time. Not going to lie, the first day on the ship I got really sea sick and it was not fun at all but the other days I was fine. There’s a lot to do on the ship while you’re on their too, I played bingo and gambled, I hung out and tanned, and of course I ate lots of yummy food. 

So my cruise took me to Honduras, Belize, and Mexico and it was so beautiful!! Honduras was definitely my favorite place. I could see my toes and all the fish swimming around me straight through the water. I went snorkeling around the second biggest reef and it was stunning. The food in Honduras was crazy good guys. The cook with a lot of coconut and it was so good! 

Our next stop was Belize which was my second favorite. It was super pretty and we went to a small island off of Belize. The people were super friendly and the fish there was delicious. I cut my foot on a seashell there so I think that’s why it wasn’t my favorite. Ha but it was just as beautiful as Honduras. 

Mexico was our final country. I’ve been to Mexico before and I loved it but I think I just wasn’t really  that fond of Cozumel because it wasn’t my favorite.The water was actually pretty brown. The people were still super nice and the food was great! Coconut shrimp was my life, and I tried octopus ceviche which was really good too. 

But all in all, Honduras was 12/10. Guys seriously, I recommend a cruise. It’s a great way to see the world at a reasonable price. 

Turkey day Yums!!

Hello all!

I hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving filled with lots of love and food. I sure did. I attend two thanksgivings, my moms side and my dads side, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so stuffed in my life. This thanksgiving I decided to contribute instead of just eatting. So I’m going to share the recipe of the dish I made, which was such a hit! My family asked if I could make it for Christmas too and even the babies liked it. I made a corn casserole, it’s super yummy, not the healthiest but ugh so good. It’s a softer texture with a creamy filling and a little bit of a mix of sweet and savory, definitely a comfort food dish. The absolute best!

You need: 

1 can corn (drained)

1 can cream of corn

1 cup of sour cream

1 stick of butter (melted)

1 box of jiffy cornbread mix

And shredded cheese. 


Preheat oven to 350. Combine both cans of corn, the cornbread mix, butter and sour cream together. I cooked mine in an 8×8 casserole dish was perfect. Then pop in the oven and let cook for 50 minutes. Kinda long, I know but so worth it. Take out then sprinkle cheese all over it and pop back in the oven for an additional 5 minutes. Take out and you are set! I promise your family will love it and you for making it. Happy holidays to all! Edit

Wurst time of the year!

Hello loves!

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long, you have no idea how crazy busy I’ve been. My apartment has flooded 3 times already, I’ve joined two new organizations on campus, and my classes are kicking my butt right now. It’s crazy! But this past weekend was a breath of fresh air, catching up on sleep and fun at the same time. I went to a German festival in New Braunfels, Wurstfest, Friday night which was super fun. 10/10 would recommend, lots of beers to try and food, which is my favorite part. 

Even though it’s still about 80 degrees in November, I’m ready for fall. I found the cutest pair of over the knee boots for under $50 and I’m obssesed. I bought a pair and so did my sister. They’re so perfect, I can throw on with a cute dress, like the one I’m wearing in the pictures, or over some jeans with a cute top. I originally really wanted black ones but I decided to get these gray ones just because I think I could wear them with more and honestly I’ve been wearing them with everything because I’m so in love with them. I’m also in love with the heel. The hells thicker so they’re really comfortable and it’s not too high. They’re just great for all occasions. I’ve linked a similar pair since they’re not selling the ones I bought anymore. Happy shopping babes! 

Over the knee boots: http://www.stylesforless.com/faux-suede-otk-stacked-heel-boot-1000121753

The perfect LBD

Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been gone lately but it’s finals week and I have so much going on right now, but anyways. So everyone’s always looking for the perfect little black dress buuuuttt I found the perfect little blue dress. I’m obsessing over this dress because it’s so comfortable, fits me perfectly, and is so versatile. I’ve probably worn it like ten times now. I know everyone’s raving about the little denim dresses and I completely understand why. They’re absolutely great. Especially because I love comfort and style all in one. I’ve worn this dress to church, to work, to birthdays. Everywhere. You need one!! You really do. I swear by it. I’m still kinda new at this so I’m not good at linking stuff yet but there’s a super cute blue jean dress at Macy’s for under $50! GO GET IT! Happy shopping y’all!  


Valentine, oh valentine!

Hey y’all, hope it’s been a great week so far and I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s. My Valentine’s was so nice and beautiful thanks to my amazing boyfriend, Dylan. He planned a lovely dinner at the oasis on lake Travis which was breath taking. We also took a walk around the lake, which I love being outdoors so it was perfect. Knowing we were going to the oasis  I went to H&M to find a Valentine’s outfit, and originally I wanted like a red dress or something of that sort, but of course I didn’t find one I liked. I tried on multiple outfits until I found this perfect little button down dress. I FELL IN LOVE! This dress is so perfect for date night, business casual events, evenings out, any occasion in my opinion. It’s very versatile. The stripes and colors allow you to dress up or make it casual. I also think it’s very flattering on my body (I’m not the skinniest). I paired it with nude Steve Madden heels that tie up and a pale pink cross body that I wore on my side. Perfect Valentine’s outfit in my opinion. I cannot wait to wear this outfit again😊 


Good eats

So I’ve gained a lot of weight and I don’t like how I look or feel right now. I feel tired and sluggish all the time and I’ve decided it needs to stop. I’ve eaten horribly and haven’t been working out or doing any kind of exercise so from now I’m going to eat better (baby steps though) and I’m going to workout (again baby steps) I realize that I can’t just jump into it or I’ll crash and burn so I’m gunna slowly get into. I’m eating somewhat healthier, French fries are my weakness so I switched to sweet potatoe fries to start, and I’m playing volleyball almost everyday now which is a work out for me. I’ve been sore and I’ve noticed I have more energy. But it’s not just gunna stop there, I’m also going to cut back on my alcohol intake. Being in college that’s really hard. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I just want to be a healthier, better version of me. If you have any advise, please let me know. Anything would help 🙂




Christmas Day🎅🏽

Okay so I initially wanted a dress for Christmas but I went shopping a couple of weeks ago and found this beaut of a top. So being a college student, honestly I look for the cheapest cutest clothing items and I really don’t care about brands. So I went to marshalls, one of my favorite stores, and found this super cute top. I love it because it’s long and flowy and I hate wearing real pants so it looks good with leggings too. An added bonus, which always make me feel better about shopping, I got the top for $25 when it was originally $98. What a steal!!!

Hope all of y’all have a wonderful Christmas and look super cute for it😘 


Gobble till ya wobble

Hey y’all, I hope everyone’s thanksgiving was fabulous! On thanksgiving everyone loves to stuff themselves until their about to bust right? SAME!! As to why I chose this flowy, soft, dress. I love it because not only do I not have to unbutton my pants when I’m too full but you also can’t tell I ate my weight in mashed potatoes. I got it from this super cute boutique in San Marcos, Two P’s and Callie’s. It’s honestly one of my favorites because it’s thin enough to wear when it’s warmer but has long sleeves so I can layer with a fur vest or cardigan when it’s colder. And I wore those booties I did post on previously because hello, who doesn’t wanna wear booties all the time? Tell me what you think is the best to wear on thanksgiving so I can start preparing for next year😊




School, work, life!

So I’m a junior in college now and it seriously took me 2 1/2 years to figure out how to get my life together and stay organized. My freshman and first semester of my sophomore year I did not do too hot but I’ve figured out why,  I was so unorganized. I didn’t know when anything was due until the week of or when my exams were or anything like that. And now I have a job so I need to make sure I’m on top of my game, right? So my second semester of sophomore year I got a planner and my life was changed forever.. So this year, I went and got a super cute planner[that was seriously only like $4] some colored pens and highlighters, and a giant desk calendar and let me tell ya, I know when everything is due, when I have exams, when I work and most importantly, when I get paid! I love it!! I’ve never felt so ahead of the schedule and prepared before. So I highly recommend getting all three, planner, desk calendar, and colored pens, for your school year. Let me know if there’s anything you do differently. Have a fabulous day ya’ll!